TAMGA: 10+ Years of Sustainable Development in the Financial Services Market. What’s Next?

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There are a number of companies in the fintech world that are on a mission to not only improve payment processes, but to change the very nature of financial transactions. One such cutting-edge company is TAMGA, which combines innovation, customer focus and high safety standards. Founded in 2011, this company has brought to market a range of fintech products in a short time, which quickly gained the trust of users. Now the company’s portfolio includes dozens of financial and marketing solutions that are successfully operating in several European countries. With over a million unique users of these products, TAMGA is one of the key players in the industry.

A visionary idea to become an innovative solution

In 2011, the journey of TAMGA began in Kyiv, driven by the idea to create a platform that would automate the processes in the financial services field and make them safe and accessible to all market participants. The masterminds behind this ambitious venture shared a common passion for innovation in the financial sector and a firm belief that modern technologies could enhance existing systems in the industry. Their goal was to create a company that would deliver financial products and services that surpassed expectations, and would reshape the way customers engaged with financial services.

Determined to change the world of finance, TAMGA assembled a team of professionals from around the globe poised to craft the next-generation of financial solutions. In 2014, the company unveiled its inaugural product – a cloud-based online platform for the comprehensive automation of online lenders. On the one hand, the platform empowers individuals by granting them access to a wide array of loan products offered by banks and financial companies. On the other hand, the platform provides banks and financial companies access to a vast pool of loan applications from potential borrowers. Additionally, it facilitates refinancing options for loans originated from loan brokers, various comparison sites, or non-financial services.

The platform conducts a preliminary assessment of borrowers (combined with customer application data, data from social media, telecoms and its own scoring models based on customer behavior), verification of borrowers and, depending on their credit rating, routes them to relevant loan products. Today, the platform uses over 1,500 non-traditional variables, making it an excellent choice for partners with fair loans.

Path to recognition

One of TAMGA’s key success factors has been the implementation of Data Science technologies that provide flexibility and security for financial transactions. As an industry pioneer in applying advanced technologies to lending practices, the company has garnered well-deserved accolades from both experts and partners alike. As of 2023, the platform enables partner companies to adopt fully digital lending methods in record time, specifically within a month rather than several years. 

As the company evolved, it expanded its project portfolio, developing various solutions that catered to lending for entrepreneurs, attracting investments, and managing credit ratings and finances. Technologies and customer needs have changed, but TAMGA has always remained at the forefront of innovation, conquering new peaks and markets.

In 2018, in order to conduct activities in the international market and in the countries of the Middle East in particular, TAMGA opens an office in the UAE. Currently, the number of professionals working for the company from different parts of the world exceeds 250 people. 

Fintech projects expand internationally

Since its founding, TAMGA has showcased a series of remarkable projects that set it apart from other companies in the fintech industry. In 2016, an online loan intermediary platform, Szybka Gotówka, was launched on the Polish market.

Today Szybka Gotówka stands as an innovative online service that connects the company’s customers and partners. Szybka Gotówka empowers clients to swiftly and conveniently access additional financing tailored to their unique needs. Simultaneously, it offers partners the opportunity to attract new, high-quality clients to their fold.  

Szybka Gotówka currently has over 1.5 million satisfied customers. Responsible lending initiatives on the Szybka Gotówka platform have empowered over 10 thousand clients to improve their financial literacy and elevate their credit rating, ultimately leading to reduced loan costs. 

Subsequently, comparison services empowering users to swiftly and transparently compare actual loan terms FINRADA and RacoonGo (2019) were introduced in Poland in different years. In 2023, innovative services for financing small and medium-sized businesses Ekassa and CapitalKo were launched. Since 2021, TAMGA has been developing the platform tailored to meet the lending needs of small entrepreneurs. Today, in addition to IT support, TAMGA also delves into marketing and PR endeavors to bolster these platforms. 

In Spain, TAMGA’s presence is manifested through its retail lending projects Prestamo Rapido (2016) and Early Wage (2021); in Ukraine – through Bistrozaim online platform (2015), Scorector (2022), Wurmie (2019), Alibaba.ua (2021) and BNPL service Rulla (2021). 

Paving the way to innovation 

As the fintech industry garners heightened interest and consumer preferences undergo transformation, TAMGA is poised to take its place among the leaders, redefining lending and financial solutions on a global scale. Its unique approach and innovative solutions have garnered attention, often drawing comparisons to other top fintech giants in the industry. 

TAMGA’s Szybka Gotówka platform wins an award from direct.money.pl in 2021. Its Ukrainian products garner multiple nominations in various categories by prominent publication psm7.com at the same time. 

The success of TAMGA services can be compared to the breakthroughs of industry leaders like Klarna, Stripe, and Revolut. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with these companies, TAMGA exemplifies not only technical brilliance but also an unwavering dedication to delivering straightforward and effective financial solutions to its users. 

TAMGA‘s trailblazing technology and commitment to customer satisfaction are orchestrating a gradual metamorphosis of the traditional financial industry. As it stands, the company is working on the industry’s recovery by developing new services focused on providing legal assistance to debtors, analysis of clients’ current financial situations and expenses, accompanied by optimization recommendations. TAMGA continues to strive for new heights, proving that the future belongs to companies that boldly rebuild established models and bring value to all market participants.

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