What we do

Tamga changes traditional vision about online banking and finance. Over the past 7 years, we have developed and implemented more than 50 advanced technical solutions that helped our customers achieve outstanding results. Our portfolio has an innovative solution for every digital challenge that finance companies face.

Most financial institutions have complicated systems. The change can be expensive, time-consuming and disruptive.

TAMGA products were designed to work with your existing systems. Our products are easy to implement with minimal intervention. You will see improvement within just a few weeks.

Tamga creates and digitalizes financial and insurance products

The more information about client is provided – the better solutions we suggest

The problem of online sales of financial products is that you do not know your client and cannot be sure that he uses his personal data

Tamga can gather more than 10 000 parameters for every client within the first seconds of interaction. It helps to create aggregated image of a client and to make more accurate decision

Tamga intelligent automation will help you to develop your business, increase profits and minimize potential risks

What technologies we use

Tamga is a “one stop shop” for finance companies. We offer our customers a wide range of technology in the field of Big Data, analytics, risk management, CRM development and fraud prevention. Our technical solutions are complementary, which means that they can be combined to produce a bespoke end to end, financial product.

What we develop and automatize

Marketing campaign optimization
customer segmentation
identification / prevention
Customer retention management
Customer LTV management
Risk assessment (underwriting)
Risk-based pricing
Limits management
Conversion optimization
verification and identification 

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