What we are doing

The group of projects Tamga changes traditional vision about online lending.

We work in multiple countries and constantly expand geography of our presence. Our online services are the platforms automatically selecting lenders for borrowers with the most favorable terms.

We invest significant financial resources in IT solutions, use unique technologies developed by the best IT specialists of Tamga, that allows us within seconds to assess the clients’ solvency, analyze the best offers of our partners-creditors, select the most optimal loan products for the borrowers and ensure a quick money transfer.


Personalized calculation of the loan sum, which the borrower will be able to return without heavy burden on its budget.


Automatic selection of the creditor with the most favorable terms from our partners’ database.


Alternate sending of the application to several creditors, which increases significantly chances for the procurement of a loan.


Applications processing and transfer of sums within 10-15 seconds to a customer’s banking account or card.

What technologies we use

While traditional banks continue to assess borrowers according to their credit history, we use the latest technologies in the field of Big Data for the customers.

It allows us to analyze enormous aggregations of information from open sources. Cumulative evidence from telecoms, social networks, information about online purchases and visited sites can tell us more about the customer than his credit history.

Application of Big Data and the recent development in the field of analytics, CRM, Fraud Prevention has brought Tamga projects to a totally new level.

Why we

Tamga is not a classic bank. We strive to provide as many people as possible with affordable loans, which they can reimburse easily. Tamga experts have created the "Responsible Lending" program.

Advanced solvency assessment algorithms allow us to assess accurately the borrowers’ financial condition and individually calculate the optimal loan amount for each customer.

We hope that in the future other companies will join this program, which will fundamentally change the system of relationships between creditors and borrowers all over the world, increase lending institutions’ credibility and will offer an opportunity to millions of borrowers to avoid getting into a debt pit. 

  • Banks
  • Accessibility
    It is necessary to visit the bank department
    It is always within reach – on the computer, tablet, smartphone
  • Decision-making process
    From 1 to 7 days, depending on amount and term
    Within 1 minute
  • Assessment of borrowers
    According to a credit history, documents about income
    By automatic scoring and fraud prevention-services, which take into consideration thousands of parameters.
  • Who can get a loan
    People with good credit history and official income
    Anyone. The conditions are selected individually, based on financial possibilities
  • Required documents
    Certificate of income, personal identification document, work contract, certificate of payment of taxes.
    Personal identification document, banking account 
  • Loan amount
    Only fixed limit in a particular bank.
    There is no limit. It is calculated individually