TAMGA is a company engaged in research and development of bank finance and insurance software.

We established the largest laboratory specializing in digital products creation using artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), consumer behaviour forecasting systems for financial and insurance products. Our customers are located in Europe and the Middle East countries.

We were the first to use unstructured social data, devices, bureaus, behavioural data for real-time decision-making and predictive modelling.

Company history


Establishment of the
Company. Opening an
office in Sharjah (UAE).


Development of TAMGA unique online platform for automated decision-making for financial companies and banks, including a customer base accounting system, automated scoring systems, automated anti-fraud rules.


Development of underwriting module (creating more complicated scorings based on customer behaviour characteristics and credit history, developing customer retention strategies and CRM algorithms).


TAMGA 2.0 platform launch for financial company in Poland (API solutions, integration with banks and credit bureaus, marketing automation, full automation of decision-making system, building and automation of collection strategies). Opening an office in Warsaw.


Development of TAMGA 3.0 platform (development of a screen- scraping module and use of social media data for different risk policy scenarios, use of social media authentication instead of the standard questionnaire for financial institution, replacement of standard credit bureau data with a bulk of data from alternative open data sources).

Launch of TAMGA 2.0 for 6 financial companies.

Opening a representative office in Prague.


TAMGA 3.0 platform launch for financial company in Spain.

Launch of mobile applications for financial companies. Launch of the Online Platform for Comparing Various Financial Products. Launch of the Productive Buying Probability Analysis for e-commerce.

Opening an office in Madrid


Artificial intelligence product creation for underwriting for banks and financial companies.

Creating a module using customer biometric data (fingerprints, facial recognition, voice) to facilitate registration procedures and improve anti-fraud tools, developing and launching a screen-scraping module for bank data, additional services for analysing customer credit investigation and improving credit history.


TAMGA success factors

Comprehensive approach

We employ more than 350 software engineers, marketers and analysts specializing in the development, implementation and promotion of technical products for financial companies. Years of experience and thorough market knowledge allows us to create products that are equally effective in terms of IT, marketing, analytics and customer service.

Be one step ahead of the market

One of our main principles is to see product in terms of its future prospects. Over 7 years of work, we have created dozens of technological solutions for many companies. Application forms using behavioural biometrics, scoring models using BIG DATA technology and machine learning – these and many other of our developments are just now beginning to be massively introduced by European financial companies.

Life-time support

Tamga customers receive a long-term support of all products we have developed and implemented. This allows customers to be sure that our software will work efficiently and help them achieve business goals over the years.

Tell us about your tasks and projects, and we will offer the most effective solutions to your business tasks!

We are open to dialogue and welcome new interesting projects!

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