After 2008 a strange situation has arisen in the world. Banks have huge resources, while a billion people live under the conditions of urgent need of money and can get a loan only at very high interest rate. Hence, it follows that banks cannot or do not want to cope with lending to all social groups.

Excessive regulation and centralization of the banking system has resulted in a situation where banks accept deposits with negative return, keep money on the balance, but refuse to issue funds to a large number of customers. With that, very often, prospective borrowers do not need large loans. They want to get small amounts of money in banks for a short period of time, but they cannot do it.

Tamga group of projects is always ready to help such customers in getting the necessary amount as quickly as possible and in the most convenient way.

Responsible Lending

Tamga seeks to change people's perception of banks and to enable people of any income level to get quick financial assistance and not to get into a debt pit.

Therefore, we are developing the "Responsible Lending" program, within which the optimal loan amount is individually calculated for each customer. It provides possibility to exclude situations where the customer cannot reimburse the loan funds.

Financial assistance can be obtainable

According to the data from the World Bank, 2.6 billion people on the planet do not have bank accounts and credit histories. They have no chance to get a loan from banks.

There are many other factors helping to make an exact analysis of financial solvency of customers: behavior aspects, social networks profiles and other sources. But most of banks have no intentions to develop such evaluation algorithms, to invest resources into trainings of specialists and into creation of own scoring systems and big-data solutions. But we do have such intention and are already doing it.

Say “NO” to money sharks

Multiple loan companies prefer to give out money at a huge interest, trying to get the maximum profit within the shortest possible period of time. But customers of such loan lenders rarely come back again.

Tamga adheres to a different approach. We understand the problems of our customers - their everyday worries and needs, and we do our best to develop trust-based relations with borrowers, find optimal loans for them, with transparent terms and provide comfortable service to the greatest possible extent. For this very reason a significant number of borrowers become our loyal customers.

Our aim is to make the world a better place. Join us

For a conventional bank, each customer is just a line in the accounts and records. If his application for a loan is rejected, the managers do not have any emotions and move on to the next borrower. Such mechanistic approach is unacceptable for Tamga.

If customer of any of our projects receives a low score, we send him an instruction how to increase it. As our experience shows, borrowers often have a low score not because of problems with loans repayment, but because of failure to understand credit mechanisms and lack of financial planning skills.

We make the world a better place and we would like the poverty and social inequality to become a deviation, not a norm within the context of the everyday world. If you want the same, join the huge army of our customers and get financial assistance in the easiest, fastest and most convenient way.