Our aim is to become the world's largest online lending platform. Join us, grow and develop with us.

Group of projects Tamga is continuously developing. We have been working successfully for a long period of time in Ukraine, Poland and Spain, and in the nearest future we plan to launch online lending platforms in all European countries.

The total number of our employees in different countries exceeds 500 people already. In connection with the continuous business expansion, Tamga constantly needs new employees who have professional experience in the field of finance and high technologies, love their work and want to change online lending industry with us.

Fast Career Growth

We value our employees for their talent, knowledge, diligence and responsibility, and not for how much they have worked in the company. Therefore. in Tamga the path from a simple employee to a divisional manager does not take much time.

United and Friendly Team

We value people who know how to work in a team. Our team is very cohesive, employees are always ready to help each other with advice and deed. In such atmosphere every employee can realize his full potential.

Effective Motivation

Tamga uses an effective employee incentive program, based on the indicator of their effectiveness. Each employee can be sure that his contribution to the development of the company's business will be valued and will not be left without remuneration.