Our Products

Our portfolio includes dozens of IT solutions allowing any fintech or retail business to automate the work process, increase efficiency and reduce costs. This is the foundation that will become the basis for the success of your company.

Turnkey ready-made package solutions for banks and other credit companies

If you would like to launch an online lending service or a banking product, you can hire your own team of specialists who will spend months developing and launching the product.

Or, you can order from us a fully automated and customised business process, including registration of online loan in 15 minutes with the connection of all the necessary services. And this will cost several times cheaper than hiring your own specialists for development.

Remote customer verification

We develop customer verification systems using screen-scraping services that verify customers by connecting to their bank account, analysing profiles and conduct on social media. At the request of customer, we can integrate biometric customer identification into the verification service, which will recognise customers by photo. Together with other verification tools, this gives the business almost 100 percent protection against Internet scams.

Separate API integration with payment systems, credit bureaus, services

The service includes the analysis of customer's product, API server development, application and website identifiers, technical documentation development that will further allow other developers to use API platforms, QA and API integration testing.

Anti-fraud checks system

Anti-fraud is a system for monitoring and preventing fraudulent transactions, which checks each payment in real time, running it through dozens and sometimes hundreds of filters. The task of the system is to check each transaction, find 'suspicious' elements therein and make a decision to reject or approve payment.

Just a while ago, such systems were available to large banks and e- commerce market leaders only. But we created ready-made solutions and can adapt them to the needs of your business and integrate them with your product. This will allow you to no longer pay third-party services for anti-fraud checks and reduce customer service costs.

Scoring platforms according
to customer requirements using
BIG DATA and Machine Learning

We develop various types of scorings for the needs of fintech and retail companies. To calculate the probability of repaying an online loan, bank cards limit – all this can be done using our scoring.

Our products use data bulk from a variety of sources: the information from credit bureaus, analysis of user behaviour on website, their account on social media, any other information from open sources. A machine learning technology allows the scoring system to constantly upgrade and improve the assessment accuracy.

For any company, such customer assessment systems are the best way to improve their performance and adhere to the established business goals.

Automated financial and
management reporting

Configuring and integrating systems that collect all important data on the company's indicators in one service and automatically generate reports on the specified indicators. We also make custom configurations of ready-made software. Setting up 1C, Bitrix or reports in OLAP cubes to the needs of your business.

P2P platforms

Mutual lending systems are the future of the credit market. They connect borrowers and lenders and allow anyone to lend or borrow money at an individual interest rate. We develop such turnkey platforms and eliminate all customer concerns regarding launching such products.

Financial product
comparison services

Such websites allow covering almost all fintech products environment: bank cards, online loans, insurance and much more. We take full responsibility for the development, content and, at customer's request, promotion of such services.

Development of credit product
mobile applications

Only 20 % of credit platforms have their own mobile applications. Therewith, up to 70 % of the traffic is now attributed to mobile devices. We develop credit product mobile applications for any platforms, including all the necessary features for customer service..

Call centre services

Development of automated software for recording, monitoring and distribution of incoming customer calls, or its integration with a customer product. Bonus is the development of ready-made scripts for your call centre by answering the most common questions about your product and solving common problems.

KYC platforms

Development of automated platforms that check customer for KYC requirements, i.e. the presence or absence of the recorded facts of unlawful customer activities. If you want to work only with law-abiding customers and eliminate the risk of imposing fines by the state for violating KYC requirements, such system will solve all your problems.