Data Science and Machine Learning in Lending: Exploring the Distinctive Edge of TAMGA’s Financial Platforms

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We are used to the fact that instantaneous communication and global accessibility have become the norm. With the ability to interact and transact across vast distances effortlessly, the barriers to information and commerce have seemingly dissolved. More and more things become available in 1 click. However, until recently, the expansion of digitalization almost did not affect the financial services sector, which has remained relatively conservative, impeding the industry’s overall progress.

Everything changed when innovative platforms and services appeared to offer an alternative to the technically outdated and essentially obsolete approaches. Technological solutions emerged as the catalyst that not only revolutionized how participants interact in the financial market but also elevated it to new heights. As a result, a surge of novel products emerged and rapidly gained popularity. One-click transactions? Today, they have become a tangible reality.

Key facts

– TAMGA is a developer of technological and marketing solutions for financial companies and banks, which offers clients not only financial products development, but also operational management, marketing, customer acquisition, and real-time support 24/7. In the complex realm of financial services, the success of TAMGA services hinges on their comprehensive, integrated approach to all aspects of lending.

– The development of proprietary credit solutions commenced in 2011, and by 2014, the first online platform designed to streamline the operations of creditors was released. Since then, the service has continuously evolved and enhanced its efficiency to adapt to changing technologies and user demands. As of 2023, the unique technical capabilities of the platform, based, among other things, on artificial intelligence and Data Science, make it possible to approve a vast majority of loan applications from potential borrowers almost instantly.

How does this process occur? 

The platform conducts an initial evaluation of borrowers, which includes analyzing customer application data, data from social networks, telecoms, and its proprietary scoring models based on customer behavior. After this thorough verification process, borrowers are routed to relevant loan products based on their credit rating. With the incorporation of more than 1,500 non-traditional variables, the platform becomes a great option for partners dealing with fair loans.

– TAMGA’s financial partners have the flexibility to customize various parameters of their lending programs featured on the platform. These customizable factors include loan

duration, loan amount, minimum credit rating, maximum debt-to-income ratio, risk ratio, and target income. More training data leads to higher approval rates and lower interest rates while maintaining the same level of losses from defaults.

– TAMGA’s business model revolves around charging commissions or fixed fees to financial partners who utilize the company’s platforms. These fees can be either a fixed amount or a small percentage of the loan amount.

Surprising fact

The company derives its name from the ancient financial term “tamga,” which historically referred to a universal duty levied on all imported goods.

Key background

The history of TAMGA dates back to 2011 when the company initiated the development of a technological platform tailored for offline use in the offices of financial companies and credit brokers. In 2014, leveraging their proprietary technological and marketing solutions, the TAMGA team released a cloud-based online platform, facilitating comprehensive automation for online lenders’ operations.

TAMGA specializes in crafting distinctive financial platforms and services that elevate the quality of life for its clients. The company develops financial services and platforms that bridge the gap between consumer demand for financial products and a vast network of partners. On the one hand, the platform grants individuals access to a diverse array of loan products from banks and financial companies. On the other hand, for banks and financial institutions, the platform provides access to thousands of loan applications from potential borrowers, along with opportunities for refinancing from loan brokers, diverse comparison sites, and non-financial services.

The company boasts a diverse portfolio of successful products, including platforms for automating both offline and online lending processes, services for online user verification and financial situation checks, along with systems designed for automatic assessment and enhancement of customer credit history. Additionally, they offer online installment shopping services and comparison sites.

TAMGA’s technological solutions have earned multiple nominations and accolades across various countries. In 2021, the influential publication recognized TAMGA’s online lending platform Bistrozaim as “The Best Microcredit Service in Ukraine.”

During the same year, TAMGA’s credit intermediary platform, Szybka Gotówka, received an award from the Polish website

Key dates

2015 – The Bistrozaim online lending platform was launched in Ukraine.

2016 – The Szybka Gotówka online platform, a credit intermediary service operating in Poland, was launched. The service enables financial companies to attract new customers

and facilitates direct communication between all participants in the market directly on the platform. The majority of loans are fully automated. Currently, Szybka Gotówka boasts over 1.5 million satisfied customers, with more than 10,000 borrowers having leveraged the platform to enhance their financial literacy and improve their credit rating. As a result, these borrowers can access loans at lower interest rates, reducing their overall borrowing costs.

In the same year, TAMGA also launched an online loan intermediary platform in Spain. Over time, this platform, now known in the market as Prestamo Rapido, underwent significant improvements

2018 – TAMGA opened a new office in Dubai, UAE.

2019 – TAMGA launched the investment platform in the EU, which serves as a platform for financial companies to attract investments from individual investors in credit products.

During the same year, the Wurmie user identification service was unveiled. Additionally, the FINRADA and RacoonGo websites were launched in Poland, offering customers the ability to compare real loan conditions comprehensively. This enables borrowers to make informed decisions and select the most advantageous loan option without falling into potential pitfalls.

2021 – The fintech project’s credit platform, along with Ukraine’s first installment purchase service, Rulla, which operates on the BNPL (buy now, pay later) model, were launched. In Spain, the Early Wage service was unveiled to allow customers early access to their salary.

2022 – The Scorector credit history improvement service was launched in both Ukraine and Poland. This service aids users in resolving financial issues through specialized training courses on financial literacy, programs, and recommendations, ultimately leading to improved credit ratings. To date, Scorector has successfully assisted more than 10,000 clients in restarting their credit histories.

2023 – The Capitalko SME financing service and, the platform for lending to Polish entrepreneurs, were launched in the EU.

Big numbers

Over 1 million people – the number of unique clients of TAMGA’s platforms across various countries.

2,200,000 loans have been issued using TAMGA’s services since the commencement of operations.

What to watch for

Today, TAMGA’s portfolio includes dozens of implemented products for the financial market that are changing the game alongside industry giants like PayPal and Apple. With ambitious aspirations, the company strives to enhance and expand its array of financial and marketing offerings, aiming to facilitate a more convenient, secure, and user-friendly experience for both individuals and financial companies.

Currently, TAMGA is developing a legal assistance service tailored for debtor clients. Additionally, the company is working on an innovative solution geared towards analyzing the client’s present financial situation and expenses and offering insightful recommendations for optimization.


In various sectors of financial services, we now witness the presence of convenient digital platforms. These platforms promptly recognized the emerging trend and swiftly developed technological solutions tailored to specific industry segments that were previously hindered by lengthy, cumbersome processes and bureaucratic restrictions. Now, these former startups have evolved into market leaders that set the tone for the industry with their fintech innovations. The demand for a modern, transparent, and user-friendly lending system has long been apparent. TAMGA has firmly established itself in this niche with its unique platforms that transform the interaction between borrowers and lenders.

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