Head of fintech project Wurmie

Head Office

Wurmie is a service for analyzing the financial status of customers, based on gaining access to the accounts of individuals and legal entities in European banks through ScreenScraping and OpenBanking technology.

The service in automatic mode provides verification of the client, construction of a "financial portrait", calculation of a scoring point for forecasting the borrower's delinquency and provides additional analytical characteristics.

 The product allows you to automate receipt of an account statement, and based on it, build various forecasts of customer behavior for MFIs, banks, insurance companies, and sellers of goods/services.


  • Project management experience;
  • Work experience in Fintech projects;
  • Work experience in R2R business;
  • Experience in digital marketing (knowledge of tools is a must) or online sales;
  • Experience in IT product development;
  • Team building experience;
  • Startup launch experience.


  • Development of a product line regarding the possibility of using Screen Scraping to generate income;
  • Understanding the consumers of the product, selling the product;
  • IT implementation of obtaining bank data in EU countries and banks;
  • Obtaining a license to conduct activities in the EU;
  • Formation and protection of the financial model of the product/project (together with the financial director or analyst);
  • Analysis of competitors and similar products on the market, development of UTP;
  • Formation of proposals regarding the project development strategy in the short and long term, as well as its protection before the shareholder;
  • Development of marketing strategy and promotion methods/channels;
  • Formation and management of a multifunctional team (IT, marketing, analytics, finance);
  • Monthly budgeting, resource management;
  • Ensuring the implementation of key KPIs of the project within the framework of the agreed financial model, direct responsibility for the profitability of the project.

You will receive from us:

  • Financial stability - decent and timely salary; Work in a cool team of professionals, where everyone loves their job;
  • Wide opportunities for professional and career growth;
  • Participation in interesting and large-scale projects;
  • Convenient work schedule;
  • Annual paid vacation; No dress code;
  • Compensation of 50% honey. insurances, sports and courses.