Global Fintech Titans: Unveiling the world's most valuable financial technology companies

Where are the world's most expensive fintech companies located?

1.      According to Statista data, the most expensive fintech companies are situated in the United States, with 8 out of the top 15 in terms of world capitalization. The combined value of these American companies amounts to $1.25 trillion.

Leading the pack are Visa and Mastercard with a total market capitalization of $800.7 billion.

2.      In second place is China, represented by Tencent and Ant Group, with a total market capitalization of $338.92 billion.

Following in fintech market capitalization are the following countries:

3.      United Kingdom - $73 billion (including Revolut valued at $33 billion).

4.      Netherlands - $48.81 billion (capitalization of Adyen company).

5.      Brazil - $41.5 billion (Nubank's capitalization).

Figures are as of April 2023. Source: Statista