Szybka Gotowka celebrates 5 years. Our achievements in facts and figures

The history of our project starts in April 2013. During this time, we have come a long way from an unknown startup to one of the largest lending platforms on the Polish market. To understand what a huge amount of work has been done, you only need to see how the financial performances of the project have grown over the years.

  • The number of employees grew to 60 employees.
  • The number of clients increased to 100 000 people.
  • The average time of loan approval decreased to 5 minutes
  • Monthly number of issued loans exceeded 13 thousand
  • Monthly amount of issued money exceeded 4M euro.

However, we continue to develop our product and company, we plan to spread in other countries, improve our IT-solutions, and make online loans even more convenient, manageable and fast. And, of course, gain new clients all over the world.